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FATHOM is the e-journal of the French Association for Thomas Hardy Studies (“FATHOM”), a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote studies on Thomas Hardy in France and abroad. FATHOM intends to explore Hardy from various angles, using various critical approaches so as to throw new light on the author and his work.

It publishes a selection of articles on Thomas Hardy, most of them being papers delivered at the international conferences organized each year, on a definite subject, but will also welcome individual contributions and issue occasional theme-based calls for papers.

All papers, either individually submitted or given at conferences, will be peer-reviewed before publication. 

The language used is preferably English.

Latest issue
2 | 2013

Le silence
Edited by Annie Ramel
  • Annie Ramel
    Introduction [Full text]
    The “rich resting-place of silence”
    Introduction : un riche séjour de silence
  • Articles

  • Translations


    This section features some original translations of Hardy’s poems into French.

    Françoise Baud and Eric Christen, who translated “The House of Silence” and “Silences” for this issue, published in 2008 a selection of a hundred poems by Hardy, translated into French: Cent Poèmes (Vevey, Éditions de l’Aire).

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    Recension d'ouvrage
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